Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding international shipping. If you need more information, please check out our International Shipping Policies or email us at

Do you ship to my country?
Please check our International shipping policies here for countries available for shipping.

What method does EAD use to ship internationally?
We ship USPS Priority Mail International.

What does the shipping charge from EAD cover?
The amount charged by EAD, at the time of purchase, covers the transportation charges for the carrier of the package. It does not include any duties, taxes, customs fees or brokerage fees. For more information about the different kinds of charges or fees that can be applied, please see our fee explanation under International Shipping.

Why can't EAD pay the duties and taxes for me? I'm willing to pay for them at the time of purchase.
Ideally, we would be happy to estimate duties and pay them on your behalf. However, with so many different laws, regulations and special circumstances it would be extremely difficult to accurately estimate fees to all the countries that we deliver to.

Why am I being charged by the shipping carrier for the duties and taxes? I thought these fees are applied by my country's customs department.
Depending on the shipping method you selected, the carrier may pay the duties and taxes on your behalf in order to expedite the delivery of your package. The shipping carrier will then bill you for those duties and taxes afterwards. Sometimes the shipping carrier will charge a fee for this service and apply it to the bill. Please see our explanation of fees under International Shipping for more info.

Can EAD indicate on the customs forms that the package is gift or that it has no value so I don't have to pay any taxes or fees?
As a retail store, we must lawfully indicate all items as merchandise.  

After seeing the duties and taxes, I decided to cancel my order. Can I send the package back to you and cancel my order?
Unfortunately, if a package is refused and returned to us, we will have to charge the return shipping cost to the intended recipient. Any duties, taxes or other fees will also be charged back to the intended recipient. Due to our “made to order” policy, we also do not accept returns at this time.

Why doesn't EAD try to estimate the duties and taxes for me so I know how much to expect to pay?
We ship to over one hundred countries each with their own import laws and regulations. We could not, in good faith, estimate the duties and taxes for every country.

I still have a question? What can I do?
Feel free to email us at about any questions related to international shipping.