Our Mission

At Easter Ahn Design (EAD), our mission is to make beautiful jewelry that stirs a sense of individuality and common sensibility. EAD creates a refined organic style with a relentless commitment to quality in craftsmanship and excellence in design. From design to delivery, we want our customer’s journey to be one of true delight so we uphold ourselves to the highest standards of service. Ultimately, our designs aim to inspire beauty and passion.  


Our Vision

Effecting change towards good. At EAD, we aim to set the standard of excellence in design, craftsmanship and quality of materials by pursuing our passion without compromising on social responsibility. We want to give back and continue to grow through a network that positively impacts the lives of those underserved.


Our Social Responsibility

At Easter Ahn Design, we are passionate about giving back and supporting organizations that help build a better future for our industry (diamond and fine jewelry); as well as, local organizations that assist in preventing injustices towards women and children in their communities. We donate 5% of our profits towards organizations that support these endeavors.


Organizations we are partnering with:

  • Diamond Development Initiative - http://www.ddiglobal.org 
    An organization working to bring all miners (large, artisanal and small scale) into the formal economy to ensure safe, ethical and fair practices for their communities and the diamond/jewelry industry.
  • International Justice Mission -  http://www.ijm.org
    A global organization that protects the poor from violence in the developing world.